About the Author

Lina took Pre-Law before pursuing Business Management course of her Bachelor of Science in Commercial Education Degree (BSC), earned all the professional units in Secondary Education (BSE), and took Units in Library Science, allowing a know-how use of any library when she's on research study. She's a book enthusiast. She'd been into prose write ups, started simply from Grade IV. 


Scripting any substantial idea became her forte alongside with her office desk jobs when single.  After a shift in personal status, she launched into Freelance Writing.


(1)-She did Online write-ups for some years;

(2)-Print Media Press Release promotions of Japanese, and Local Show business celebrities and their Events;

(3)-wrote in broadsheets/tabloids promoting Young Performers on Stage Theaters, and Filipino Beauty Queens from London;

(4)-Product Promotions and activities of local Corporations, Companies, and Business Consortium; She did other write ups on

(5)Legal Documents and other writing trivia that warrant time and capabilities to tackle.


At present, Lina Pgb is semi retired but still continues to share a Whitish Green healing tint of Wisdom she gathered thru the years, so to inspire and enhance one's well-being.