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A GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL OF SUBSTANCE: (Conservative Values in Young Leadership)

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Isko Moreno is meant to perpetuate his objectives to rebuild or build Manila within the scope of his powers as mayor. There never had been a leader as steadfastly firm to implement policies and regulations. He's a model of industry, courage, being on focus, honesty, faith and determination in upholding his sincerity of service to God, colleagues, constituents, and the community as a whole.

Being seen in person around to inspect, or follow up reports and updates are common scene along street sides in business or trade centers inside the Manila metropolis.

Earlier in his younger years, we saw Isko with the late German Moreno his showbiz mentor, the latter was assisting into his developments to be part of that make believe environment, the silver screen (movies). Later more, we've seen him again; young, handsome, as he's now, full of hopes to surmount and survive beside all else in that world full of complexity, and competition for longevity tenure status in showbiz.

Isko Moreno is a very young official leader as yet at present. It sounds it'll be a lot longer to assume ourselves, encouraging him to accelerate to upper levels of his political career, to fit into the highest in government leadership. Many are anticipating for a day to come, he'll be addressing us the way a *Chief Executive in governance addresses his people.

Nothing is impossible to God if He wishes to anoint one. How much I'd wished it so; one's awareness should settle to a fact there are always two sides of a coin. Two camps embrace each other's interests to surpass either one of the opposing bodies; and who'd ever know my polar side would either be contestable, or otherwise? However tho, there's nothing in here to contest with. All are free to stand sides with anyone. We are a free country. So I'll go on saying the Honorable Mayor deserves the highest *post in leadership.

Isko Moreno's successful plights in Politics is fast more accelerating against the element of time from when it started. His popularity is reaching beyond limits because of his good performance and persistence to accomplish. Everybody's assessments on him demonstrating intensity of purpose is what matters most to many, including myself. He is the public official who deserves his post. I support he should hold on steadfastly to his position. It is my point of view regardless of whoever won't take my sides, but neither then, would I oppose anyone against my favor.

We've choices, but we don't see each other's *freedom to choose. After all, we're all praying for betterment in Peace, Prosperity, Wealth, and Happiness for our beloved **Pearl of the Orient Seas, name of our country from Rizal's poem, ("Mi Ultimo Adios,").

To quote from that poem, *Spanish version of our national hero....Just to refresh:

Poem in Spanish, "Mi Ultimo Adios"...< Adios Patria adorada, region on del sol querida. **Perla del Mar de Oriente, nuestro perdido Eden >.....

Poem in English: "My Last Farewell"...<Farewell dear fatherland, claim of the sun caressed, **Pearl of the Orient Seas, our Eden lost >.....

As often said by Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso, who deserves a thousandfold aplause; "We'll take care of *our home, Manila. It is not yours, not his or hers in individual essence, much more.. neither mine." It is OUR HOME AS A WHOLE, as I repeatedly say,..."You *menace owners... as YOU also have rights to serve and enjoy what you accept as yours. So, never throw or make Manila dirty, nor turn it to trash for, I'LL FORCE ALL THE POWERS OF LAWS AGAINST YOU."

I mean it very seriously because I have forced and fixated responsibilities to whatever *concerns there are within my power to accomplish my mission. We own MANILA which holds emblems of our PHILIPPINES IN FULLNESS, and ALL ITS IMPACTS. I'm addressing to all."

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