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Updated: Mar 17, 2020

A seasoned lawyer on private practice in his law office in Las Piñas once talked to me by phone in an agitated manner. Tita Lina, please show me tips on how you write *Online? O.K, I replied, then I finished it thru with him in an intimate manner without asking why such rush to partake of my writing job just that hasty.

He's young but has reach the edge as seasoned *trial lawyer in law practice for a number of years. After all, he's my bosom friend's son. I know him from childhood.

Days later, he was telling me, "Tita, I'm already doing the writing job immediately after you referred me to your facilitator. I was tested, submitting three *subjects together with another 3 subtopics to go with each one respectively. Your facilitator rated my capabilities how I'd cope from that trial; hereforth, supplied me a twenty (20) *subjects to be written in 700 words each, and its sub topics, to finish in ten days; then, to be submitted to U.S. base publishers for global websites distribution.

He told he was enjoying the twist in his work. Previously, he was not doing encoding in his computer but that time, he was forced to do so. His mom takes charge of all clerical issues in his office, prepares papers for legal process or documentation, entertains clients, and all others within his mom's know-how in law office clerical. His two male cousins take care of maintaining office cleanliness, the other on liaison work.

It took me by surprise when he said, writing could soonest help secure him income as he *abandons his law practice meantime he cools up for lesser risk of his life and family. He was receiving life's threats many times after he won over a Civil Case on a piece of land worth millions, his mom told me.

He didn't wish to be employed either in anyway to a certain job which won't define his personality as Lawyer. In partnership he could with somebody else maybe, independently or privately exclusive, "the like at what you do Tita, Online," he confessed later.

The next meeting was so good to me; to know he was enjoying merits in payment when his BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands) Account reflects profits from his submissions of articles. "Tita Lina he said, with familiar boyish glow of enthusiasm as I know him ever since. *I love your kind of job, waking up on mornings, sit down to write at my Computer's Desktop without doing anything else beforehand." It sounds great, Tita as he smiles, our money here and there delivered on time with everyone not seeing each other personally.

Several months hence, he was telling me somehow, in sober look; "Tita, I'm on standby mode settings. I quited writing. "Why? I said with a perplexed surprise looked. I've had already several computer crashes in coping with *deadlines, so difficult on such rushes. My brain is crumbling likewise."

Looking at me intently, in an interesting manner continued saying.. *how'd you do it these past years Tita? "I'm focused, I replied when it needs to, in sessions my Online assignments are on hand, then attend to my Press Releases activities and others, one at a time, if it allows. "OK, never fret, it's not likely to be your actual job anyway, you're just temporarily deviating to save your ass somehow, and doesn't mean so much, I told in unconcerned manner. So you're quitting now, how easily you give up."

That was a little bit of history. Two years ago, we bumped at each other again. He was selling me a kind of machine on flood control. Cases on uncontrolled rise of waters in the streets of the Manila metropolis when typhoons pass coupled along with rainfalls is a vital problem. But I don't need so by the time, drainage in some particular places around, including ours had been fixed and concerns on flood stopped.

These kind of recesses to conceal his law profession's critical issues is no longer a subject of fear now. He has outlived it somehow along ways with critical feelings of insecurities against safety. But whoever lives around protected from any harassment of various dangers from crime prone persons with, or without valid reasons in acting so. There are risks everywhere. It's a permanent moral state. It goes with human *karma, never to be waived from man's causal acts.

Embracing GOD FATHER in *FULL FAITH thru Prayers in alignment of his Love and Blessings is all what it takes to be SECURELY CONFIDENT WITH PEACE.

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