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Updated: May 17, 2020

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. To many, it sounds very ironic.  We generally want to get beauty on our terms, not just from an eagle eye admirer next door, neither from an obsessive lover, nor a meticulous fan stalker. Better yet, being beautiful is because one is *young, healthy, full of life, daring, adventurous, and happy.

A person's metabolic process transcends from youth to *adulthood, and this latter seems to be a stage highlighting fear of the undesirable, and undeniably irreversible aging. 

Literally, coming to terms towards the unwanted senior age is an ordeal. Nobody wants to get old, if only we won't defy nature's laws or due dates of lives' existence in human. It makes one feel insecure of physical unwanted changes, also as regards depreciating health conditions. 

As one reaches this stage aging, every aspect contradictory to what we wish in skin deep appearance ensue, and is seemingly alarming. However, tho it's so incontestable because you're apt to be in terms with nature. You'll be forcibly entangled with all the problems coming along with it. Worst yet, essence in wellness is at par, most critical.

Nobody in this plane could deny the fact of not having some minutest dream to be part seeker of the famous *fountain of youth;* allegorical it may seem. Awareness of whether it is literally credible, or mere byword exists just likewise in almost everybody's mind. It hones to  tickle one's senses, paves way to man's ego, an unyielding enthusiasm to satisfy self, the infamous human weakness. For someone who's nearing  the age of 60 and has the monetary capability to act upon artificial repairs; he'll outright search a cosmetic beauty practitioner, if only to neutralize insecurities in terms of some ugly body growth or flaws, prompting to off balance what once was a happy and contented soul, then pressured by no turning back process from youth to unappreciative elderly. The desire to be good looking, desirable, and beautiful is what everybody dreams about. It lies inside a person's psyche, with interest that haunts with intent to regain lost youth most especially,  to someone exposed to Crowd's visibility. The psychological effect of this phrase *fountain of youth* transform ones thought from mythical sense to tangible; and now, catering  services no longer a lingering illusion, but to all what it takes in *real glamour world of the most famous, the super rich, society's elites, celebrities, and many more at peak in popularity. Now, the absurdity to turn back the hands of time is like aiming to reach the moon in one's lifetime. To be out of *youth is irreversible. The modern day innovations in cosmetic surgeries have reached its edge. A revolution in skin deep enhancements, and transformations are on hand from the impossible to open possibilities on how will a nose, lips, cheekbones, face-lift, and female's breast definition could be set into total revamp. Comes the botched beauty, a popular demand of the so called * beauty by the knife;" abounds in cosmetic surgery clinics in different parts of the western world, as in the United States, now also dominating the rich countries in Asia, even in our Philippines.  They do services on all body parts transplants, implant, and other cosmetology services. Hearsay tells this: *Hollywood's show business personalities and other celebrities live by the knife; also, such words of mouth the like of; *you'll never see a Korean show business personality whose beautiful youthful looks haven't pass by the blade. In the Philippines, the likes of Vicky Belo emerge expert in this kind of business who gathered larger number of patrons among our local society's elites, celebrities, and other popular personalities. Well, it prompts today's trend in being youthful, prolonged somehow to some extent.  It seems everybody's illusion of that proverbial reservoir of youth is widely served, open to all. However, the circumstances surrounding the need to reach contains of this fountain turned reality is more exclusive, possibly just to some few who afford it. To a meager income person. he may just brass out any opportunity to reach out.  Well, blessed are they with opportune luck to get services in cosmetic surgeries around.  On the other hand, how long would it take them enjoying the privileged results of these enhancements?  Law of nature states nobody is exempted from our mortal state. Everything will perish to dust; the rich, the poor, old, and the young, the beautiful as well as the ugly.  Dust you are, to dust you'll return. Meet the reality that all things living or anything invented by man in due time will take its own form, dust. We are all subjects of our Creator, and this is a fix state.  The transplants, enhancements, repairs and all the best of what cosmetic surgery's latest innovations could muster are just as well good to stay put on limited time and settings.  Man's body metabolism meets its dues against survival. Cosmetology works of beauty are all temporal. It goes with the physical process to depreciating terms against invulnerability.  Thus, beauty enhancers goes along well just as long as biological stamina and body metabolism allow so. Again anguish will prevail later when artificial means no longer justify the end, a definite brink to mortality.  Everything will be relayed back to our Creator. The physical body has its own place, the imperfect soul has too. and the breath of God's Spirit we borrowed on creation, then goes back to Him. Lucky are those who returned to God with fully enlightened spirits, for he'll not be a lingering soul. The fountain of youth therefore is forever an illusion except if, during a lifetime one keeps off guard balance neutralizing self in control of what to do, and what not, in order to avoid pitfalls keeping oneself happy, youthful, and beautiful.  Permanent youth and beauty lies beyond the vulnerable skin. deeply rooted in one's spirit, by  your willingness to stay young thru holistic healing. The fountain of youth will forever be a myth, a symbol wherein an imperfect self will remain as is. Perfection is that *light brightening our way.  Youthful feelings  *within is what the fountain emits forever.

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