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IN DEALINGS WITH FAIRNESS (Avoid Being Judgemental)

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Always dig into the depth of an individual, sounds ironic to judging a book by its cover. Why?

Man is a composite of three embodiments: (1) a spark from God's **Spirit on creation; this one minute size expands or contracts depending on how much one manipulates his Will to choose right (positive or godly) affecting someone's life perspective; (2) the **imperfect soul (fallible, prone to mistakes); and (3) **physical body (flesh & blood, perishable/vulnerable).

Each of these three compositions in an individual pull back against each other when time to elect freewill (right to choose) is most urgently needed, instead of being just a robot.

Take CHOICE, a great privilege to act upon the godly, or the ungodly (positive or negative).This is how equally fair our Creator is, giving FREEDOM to our choices. So, why judge if only to satisfy man's EGO?...Leave that to our Creator, the Universal Supreme Judge.

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