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LEARN MAN'S BASICS, AND ULTIMATE END (Perfect Reference for Our Well-being)

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

The HOLY BIBLE is the most perfect book ever in UNIVERSAL creation, unless it's tampered intentionally, or involuntarily thru revisions for various religious sects. Too much handling or channeling of the Holy Bible from one hand to another lessens the merits of the Good Message of the WORD in its AUTHENTICITY.

All the books we read not authored by our Almighty Himself are of mortal make; either thru scientific researches, experiments, creation of secular/non secular persons/groups or, opinionated by brilliant writers, scholars, and/or all academe in all of the world's archival environs. These earthly books that make us truly knowledgeable, and allow us to be well equipped with the potential tools for our survival are of course, perfect for our temporal earthly life.

We study our Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate post graduate courses in Colleges, and Universities because thru transmittal of skills, techniques from books, gazettes, or hands on know-how, we're given chances to learn the basics, and comprehensives in learning preparatory for work in order to live decently in our temporal state on earth.

However, in search for that absolute and ultimate grasp for God's Compassion and Mercy, the only book that'll impart us to be within His merits in perfection is to gain full knowledge of the message of the HOLY BIBLE. Digesting and understanding its Truth really will set us free.

Therefore, the saying "THE TRUTH WILL SET US FREE" IS BIBLICAL. NOT ALL REALIZE ITS ESSENCE. Some just take it as an ordinary quote from some literary prose; but then, we'll still decide if we allow ourselves to follow God's Will to be saved and redeemed, sending HIS ONLY BELOVED SON BY PAYING HIS BLOOD IF ONLY TO PARTAKE OF A SLOT IN HIS KINGDOM OF LOVE, GLORY, AND POWER.

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