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LOVE HAS NO DIMINUTIVES (Love or Let Go of It, No Halfways)

On *moral levels, nobody could ever fathom what real love is except, if you (yourself) become a mother. No one would ever be able to comprehend its depth, save Jesus Christ who instilled *love in the center of the heart in every human. God's love is Superlative, the Ultimate; however, God tolerated *human tending love to some degrees and positions accordingly as to individual's needs, that'll be conducive to his human survival. However, this LANGUAGE (love) is the only legitimate password for *overall PEACE in this Planet.

In God's Kingdom, after our earthly temporal life, "LOVE" seals us to our Father Almighty (Jesus Christ) for all eternity. God wills us to only have this Choice... To Love *each other in Universal Essence with our Creator.

Therefore, bear always in mind: 'Our One and Only Absolute and Ultimate' end is Jesus Christ in his Kingdom of Love and Glory that *will never end. Remember, this is the only reason why we are living at present in this temporal world God has authorized us to be *meantime tenures.

This mortal environ is our *cleansing habitat. We have been imprisoned here because of a grieve folly. Thus, try much as well to *endure sufferings for we had been saved not just by *parole as limited to prisoners in earthly sense, but we had been saved by redemption thru the *blood of Jesus Christ in a permanent state. No conditions except, a gateway to a heavenly life with our Father God.

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