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MAN'S INFINITE TALENTS SHOWN ON STAGE (Dance, Exercise, and Acrobatic Stunts Combined)

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Ingenuity in choreography enhanced with life threatening stunts techniques clearly defines that everything on creation takes patterns with God's infinite plans and existence.

"Go to the world and multiply" does not exclusively imply to mere continuous increase of people's populace; but everything too, with concerns of himself, or anything necessary to his mortal development and growth.

Each generation, or any lengthier time era offers new learning of greater degree, marvelous, and mystifying. The diversified talents transmitted by TV screen programs captivate viewers how well innovations on stage presentations and photography and arts combine well in entertainment.

The latter, emphasizing the present day artistic performances on stage could be a subtle combination of dance, exercise, and acrobatic skills. Prime time television programs offer a number of these kinds. Television shows of unbelievably life threatening dance number stunts perfectly displayed on stage by young school aged individuals are very terribly awesome.

It is a fact that the abstract intellect of man is limitless just how eternal the soul is. It goes together as Gods allows it so. You'll wonder in disbelief how dance choreography is transformed into risk taking acrobatic numbers...breathtaking!

How artfully these young people perform smoothly to perfection on stage is mind querying. Decades ago such display of talents were never dreamed, or thought of. The impossible before deemed never to happen, and now made tangible in actual practice are man's spiritual heritage.

"Go to the world and multiply"... meaning human will forego in creating further what he learned as God's gifts...never our Lord Himself pursuing it. Man will keep multiplying all God's impacts in creativity channeled to him in full trust from the time man and earth were created.

Also, God means, multiply in number as people and all its *goodness for the Power and Glory of a Heavenly Domain...Jesus Christ, as Godhead.

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