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Updated: May 17, 2020

The Divine Law of Cause and Effect is likewise Karma. We could run away from our material obligations, but never from Karmic Debt, which embraces inclusive of the positive, or the negative. Whichever has been caused from either one of these two energies* comes the equivalent in effect. Good cause turns, or produces right effects, and vice versa.

Karma is definite but seemingly, very indefinite to the erring soul; when, where, or what degree of manifestation it will take from karmic obligations on either positive, or negative actions incurred in one's life journey.

After all, we are all here on earth to live and relive existence for soul purification before going back to God in our pristine quality. No one will qualify going back from our fallen selves (Adam & Eve's fall in the garden of Eden, Book of Genesis) without due process in cleansing; and, many years of living and reliving; and, to attain a single soul's perfect spiritual standard is a very minute time, compared to our anticipated Eternal End with our Creator.

I think, these are facts based on *faith, and incontestably credible. No research files in any archives could contradict that there's not a single person living who entertains the idea, that he lives by chance, or accident.

All human beings fairly believe in some Universal Supreme Being other than anyone else in Space, or Cosmos. Just think of your existence, your consciousness, the physical and the abstract you, one with the Holy Spirit thru insight, and conscience. Find the most beautiful and mysterious human emotion love, found in the center of the heart (where the Holy Trinity dwells, the Bible says: we are the Temple); if applied coupled with wisdom, tampers egocentrism (excessive concern of self), synonymous to evil. Hence, too much ego on the run preludes diversified *karmic debts*.

Bottom line: Why are we here for, living in a world full of insecurities, besieged by violence that motivates from vengeance, confusion, and chaos yet striving to tackle tasks on survival to preserve mortal self? Is it that, the physical aspect of our being is of vital importance to aid our *real-self* (soul) in fulfilling man's greatest goal, or objective; the *absolute* end of his journey?

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