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Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Nations and its leaders are bridging disagreements and contempt among themselves. They see each other's fault in the Rules of Conduct of governance concerning *human rights under the International Laws. In cases where a leader's implementing *powers and exclusive systems previews fallible issues to be contested; such leader become news feed subject in nearby countries, cities or even an international figure of controversy as somebody defying normal conventions of leadership.

There's that violent current television news about mortal vindictive actions of arm forces camps of the West and Mid-east Asia's. Subjectively, in rage or confrontations, these two camps seem not to stoop to justify each other's faults. They're drawn to retaliate one another where there's chance to suffice vindictive race back; most especially the camp's mortality victim on air strikes. Hatred reached each other's dimensions.

Well, it did happen; and that kill on air seemed vibrating around as relatives grieved in aura of dismay and vengeance. But, who'll want trespassing or interference? Also, who'll wish someone is bombarded and killed? Conclusively, who obsessed on *warfare...way to destruction?; or, who hails *diplomacy... to end disparity that trails to understanding and peace? Sooner, God *will guide all. No one blocks His ways to pacify human rage if someone lays down *pride.

Global violence on terrorism, rallies, captivities, differences on sea's territorial jurisdictions, in commerce and trade exportation and importation, and other various human concerns are pouring like rainfalls on television sets, and in the print media. People who watch and read these news feed feel intimidated on possibly upcoming crisis. It implicates something that breaks normal state. It's sickening to think of some general upcoming hazardous global irregularities. Definitely it enhances trouble. It bothers.

Our planet earth is breathing with life. (1) At present it is being abused *emotionally and psychologically that affect the attitude and characteristic of persons towards each other as herein prefaced. It ruins relationships of a country's citizenry and privately, upon individuals. Love on brotherhood and friendship in a global sense is at stake paving ways to destruct each one's ailing *soul. (2) Then *physically; by deforestations, contamination of seas and rivers, and releasing chemical smoke of manufacturing plants that lead to off balance our planet's health.

At present, all habitants inside; human, animals, birds, insects, reptiles, including all other living species in class and order; flora and fauna, vegetation and agricultural plants are likewise near edge to suffer negative consequences of these wanton abuse.

Mother Nature's wrath is on hand to put an end on these wide range mishandling of our habitat. All will perish. Just be aware; hear, observe and see all what's going on around. It confronts us bluntly on our faces.

The almost unceasing rage of fire in Australia at present, and all those preceding forest fires in many parts over the globe are core SIGNS of impending perils, or more serious planet crisis in its physical essence. News feed tells various places over continents are even besieged simultaneously by undefined raging blazes from NO where, when, and how in origin or cause.

Mysteriously scaring, isn't it?

Earthquakes... shake that reach to maximum degree levels in magnitude and strength claiming thousands *lives, destroy *infrastructures as well as *buildings of numerous class or types. People are dislocated resulting in hunger ailments, and insecurities to face further life.

Floods... rise higher, also wider range coverage in almost all places even in unheard areas before, not along seashores and rivers. Its destruction...similarly that of an earthquake.

Typhoons, hurricanes, and sea surge or tidal waves...are much more endangering everything on way. It devastates widely, and terribly depriving weaker minded individuals to anticipate a much safer carefree life.

However, we still have time to consider in the *order and balance of our environment. The majority seems to forget or see the beauty of nature and all its impacts that'd all been given free to be *worked on properly and *use to our fullest advantage.

Humans therefore in order of GRATITUDE having received the gifts and blessings around could have serve the maximum goodness to manipulate such graces in return, to Respect or Honor Him...BENEFACTOR...The INFINITE GIVER, OUR FATHER GOD. However tho, as it seems about the planet's terrible mishaps in regards to restore all impacts' normal fix, "NOTHING IS


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