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Updated: May 17, 2020

There are lots of researches how to overcome a dysfunctional immune system, or all aspects to maintain a strong healthy body. It seems a lot of peoples' remedy is to go back to the natural flow of what nature wants us to do; going organic in our food choices.

These days, amidst highlights in latest technology innovations, tremendous population increase, industrial modernization coupled with almost all manufacturing companies competing each other on cheaper-end mass production; it's difficult to get a food which we could say entirely healthy, to benefit one's good health.

Potential herbal plants are catching attention in the market to supplement people’s diet. Manufactured foods that abound anywhere need to be neutralized with something organic. Foods from such sources are loaded with camouflaging toxic chemical compositions representing named minerals, vitamins, and other micro nutrients needed by the body. It has become a syndrome.

The influx of herbalists of this, and that type of fauna seemingly carrying some special health benefits with various optimum quality, and results is catching public attention. It's paving way to a general acceptability. This idea going back traditional on food supplements could be real answer to physical wellness in a modern-day life. However, queries as these arise; which natural based supplements give the most advantages from among many? Do herbalists really adhere to substance authenticity of a certain plant they're promoting in order to avoid complications of intake?

Consequently, herbal supplement patrons should observe, or take caution, and awareness before adapting a certain finished product. Take some time for research, or knowledge about genuine nutritional benefits in one herbal plant; for even vegetation at present could be affected by peoples' approach in manipulating any life-giving source from our environment.

Everybody seems obsessed to pollute every element of this earth we regard as our home. Almost everything inside our planet has been destructed in one way or another. Selfishness is forcefully writhing to gain over one's way. Life-giving elements air, water, land (soil), and all other nature's gifts for our use are either abused, or destroyed; hence the overall consequence, speeds back on us to total self-destruction.

Bottom line: As resident of our planet, as someone given the right of habitat over the earth; so then, we have the capability how we could contribute some solutions in our smallest way to avoid all these things happening right at this moment. How, or what better impact on garbage management; better yet, planting more fauna and flora, and reforestation that will give out fresh air (oxygen), and prevent floods. Also, there should be established government- subsidized projects to use solar based electrical energy power houses for industrial and residential use. All these must take concern immediately before it would be too late for our great, great grandchildren to do some solutions to these rampant *abuse on our deteriorating planet* 

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