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PHILOSOPHY IN COURTS (Coping with Glitches in Trials..Science of Correct Thinking)

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

The essence of a thing is what makes a thing that thing. "Rain waters plants, plants need water; Therefore *rain is water." (From the basics in *Logic).

One of my favorite logic pronouncement ever is in a trial court proceedings (fictitious it maybe) created by William Shakespeare in one of his plays. In a script; scene from *The Merchants of Venice; the lady prosecutor, Portia, defendant of Antonio (Christian) showed eloquence to deliberate right thinking and reasoning that put down helplessly affiant, Shylock (Jew) joined by beautiful daughter Jessica, in complete dismay. Then and there, realized he trapped himself into untoward effects from causal pitfall egoistic deals with people of interests within his craft's radius.

Here's the Prosecutor's defense in the particular scene which are logically awesome: As case evolves around; sounds, Antonio's debts from Shylock are unpaid, the latter then, to get back in vengeance any debt's warranty..happens, to be a *pound of flesh from Antonio in case of latter's failure to settle at stipulated time; but in wanton carelessness, omitting a mortal fact what physical manifestations altogether come alongside when *flesh is severed from any human.

*Inside trial room, here's Portia's specific statements to defend Antonio (creditor), ...< "take then thy *pound of flesh, but if thou dost shed one drop of Christian blood, then thy lands and goods will be confiscated unto the state of Venice." >

Setting's atmosphere changed inside the trial room... with everyone perplexed in utter surprise, and *silence prevailing all sides.

Resulting from further scrutiny of affidavits on files, unseen factors propped in. Misleading inputs to proper intent in the statement complaint filed by the Jew, Shylock beforehand accuses Antonio, that forcibly claims warranty to *severe some flesh, an element of assurance to latter's disadvantage; that which, emits sensitive catchy logical feeds against Shylock himself. A gross dose of latter's own medicine from any defence prosecutor, can end up any *malicious intent on issues.

Crowed exits with the pretty Portia, Antonio's defendant humbly smiling... Curtains pulled down and closed.

No one gets flesh from human, or from any the like creation of vertebral make, without

*shedding blood.


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