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SOME FILIPINO'S APPROACH IN OVERSEAS JOB HUNTING (Errors in Self Qualifying Despite Academic Studies

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Some Filipino young men and women from the Class C (upper), a prevalent number of the youth in Class B (lower & upper), and almost all from the Middle Class families have attained Bachelor's Degree and Graduate Courses in Colleges and Universities before reaching the ages of 21 to 23 years old.

Not withstanding, all the rest from the families of the Rich, Super Rich, Wealthy, or of the Prominent and Affluent class have all their choices to study in either standardized, exclusive, and other high end private schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutes of distinction in and out of the country.

However, a number are not feed with the like of the above educational attainments because of poverty, or lack of opportunities. And yet, they seem to cater themselves up aspiring to look for jobs abroad, just the same. It's in here, group category of overseas applicants, who fall victims to many follies along the way; either by maltreatment of employers. Also, they fell into the hands of syndicates on human trafficking, work placement fakers, unauthorized travel agencies, and persons, & etc. All these job seekers are motivated with firm belief, they'll raise their living standards here if the cross oceans to work; but then instead, fall prey to many kinds of follies.

On the other hand tho, the majority of both males and females are loaded with awesome talents in the Arts, or the General Liberal Arts. Many possess excellent *artisan's skills, expertise on the latest in Science, and Communications technologies, and other global innovations in our time.

Let us flourish ourselves with the aforementioned blessings of knowledge and power from our Creator. With a perpetual objective to redeem lost values and aspirations; it's time to support advocacy, to let cease maltreatment, discrimination, some killings of a lot of women abroad especially those having low type jobs.

Those who suffer psychologically from lost self esteem due to lack of proper communications skills need the like support on stress and anxiety. Global hearsay too add fuel to injury that belittles dignity, the Filipino women named in some places *domestic helpers. Why?

Some out there voluntarily simply had been forced by circumstances to deviate from their being graduated as professionals. Instead, they apply as overseas domestic household servers just to capture the *Abroad Syndrome Mentality, to work outside the country could elevate living conditions here. However to a certain point, seemingly downgrading themselves because they prefer to be domestic helpers, accept other lowly jobs, rather than to get "one deemed fit for their College Bachelor's Degree (a number of them) qualifications.

They prefer expediting themselves up, *to cope the easiest way round among random blue collar jobs, or substandard workplaces abroad. Some luck *patience in waiting for the Voice of God within, as constantly ministered...*Now, is NOT your time (self-arranged time slot); BUT, IN MY TIME...THE LORD SAYS.

Some people simply forget the power of God's daily Rule or Policy for us all, *to wait for the best Authoritative Quality time from Him. Almost all human predicaments emanate from all these kinds of FOLLY and DISOBEDIENCE; hence, we stumble making ourselves prey or victims of our wrong deliberations. Well, if U may...by choice...consider all these written above, FOOD FOR THOUGHT.

PEACE is when we free ourselves from unrest and anxiety.

But...Who Cares, or Who Doesn't anyway, with such a spectrum of choices? Who opens doors for us to possibilities? ... Firm Belief and Trust at its fullest in God our Giver matter most.


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