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Updated: Mar 17, 2020

On healthful living inside the family (First Unit in Society): Train your children on way to improve their individual life in relationship to God thru their peers or any neighbor, brother, & etc. Teach them as well, to live decently in *abundance, *plenty or *wealthy to maintain stature in personal participation in the general scope within society as a whole, in order to serve God thru community services. Encourage them to be at upgrade level on holistic health to maintain standards in coping with light, or on heavier general work activities.

But most importantly, train them by responsibility or obligation the necessary values to maintain human dignity *in preserving the mainstream of a truly respectable individual in front of anyone else they'll circulate with, beyond any exception regardless of class, living conditions, and age.

This way they'll never be overcome with defeat. Maintain joy, happiness, and PEACE within by upholding thoughts or actuations like...*not to tolerate bad intentions to anybody, *honest clean living in service to God and community, *upholding spiritual and moral values, or all else on positive outlook...way to be *brave individuals against any impediments (odds & adversities).

Bottom line: the most *undaunted people are those *pure of hearts... those with no inhibitions, *persons living peacefully, with simple needs and cravings. *Most of those, who could balance their need of the material with the *non material... in short some, who live out life in total *moderation. They've no fear of anyone because of not being abusive. They're the most COURAGEOUS people in existence.

This what I say, opinionated as it seems. You, what is it?

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