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TREADING RUGGED TRAILS TO TRUTH (Brotherhood, kind of Prayer for Glory)

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Hello guys out there, friends and everyone else! Let us unite each other in PRAYER to accomplish earthly missions for Gods Glory and Power... This is why we're here for; in Kinship, and bonding as one in JESUS Mighty Name before His Father, our own UNIVERSAL BENEFACTOR GOD who raised all our Impacts to live here, and *let live forever in that anticipated KINGDOM OF POWER and GLORY. Treading thru is very *perilous. However, FAITH (*this ALONE) WILL GUIDE US SMOOTHLY TO THE END.

Before all else's perfections, be sure to establish yourself into a *fixated Faith & Belief; accessory ingredients are *Forgiveness, *Mercy and *Compassion, to complete GOD'S Universal recipe on a Menu for all Creation...*LOVE... God Himself; in all Splendor, together with the Angels, Saints, and all the Great Once in our Absolute/Ultimate Home, we call HEAVEN.

Do we cope racing to catch up that *Pot of Gold no less than that of "El Dorado" in God's Hierarchy of Eternal Love, Joy and Happiness? ... Let you and me start it. Never look back, or either way sides, just forward...forward where you see yourself perspectively with *Light. Again, you're right into that proper trail of TRUTH... Happy 2020 guys...

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