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WHAT IS ESSENTIAL IS WHAT IS BEING FELT (Beyond physical Human Comprehension in Nature's Phases)

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

The most essential things and setting are not visible nor audible. God and all creation, atmospheric, or non atmospheric (space..composite of smoke, gas, nitrogen, helium, etc), universe and galaxies, stars, even the Hades are beyond human comprehension.

Boundaries dimensional distance, or light years speed limits in between heavenly bodies and *time, never account to cater solutions to the Mysteries of cause & effect of *existence; nor, either the Mystics evolving God Himself. We're digging into nothing, damned it... sounds useless to extend deeper.

Most definite, and also abstractly in collaboration to all mysterious phases around, is a full grasp of that FAITH we have by insight. Take it to the utmost. It solves all queries of mystical concerns.

Every one lives by Faith ever since Heavens (allegorical) and Earth were created. It's the Doctrine of God (Spirit World), human, and all Creation in its entirety.

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