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WHY COVID-19 (Weigh Out Nature's Way to set Balance)?

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Seek God's forgiveness for our (world in general) sins. Nature cries in anguish to man's continuous refusal to supplicate his *infamous follies turned global karmic debts, under the Divine Law of Cause and Effect that exempts no one's ends in all creation.

The present Covid-19 worldwide crisis has its own basic element to prompt real danger to everybody. All citizens in this planet are experiencing insecurities, and fear for any indefinite degree of risk it'll ensue in the midst of each one's respective economic, political, religious duties, servile work, and private lives comfort zones.

It came in just as nobody sensed it beforehand. Even the place where its original influx had been, gave no global warnings until there had been no more ways to contain leakages to nearby countries.

Races of different ages, class, attainment degree levels, and etc. are now in some way or another suffering from disorientation in school's academic studies, and livelihoods. It seems all are in a state of panic toward any unprecedented end.

However, if one seeks deeper approach or insight, one will realize not to be afraid of any would be much serious impediments. Be firmly fully based in the belief that Jesus is our Ultimate Savior. Be fixated in *full Faith that He has already redeemed us from death. What else in crisis of greater degree could He not be able to restore to normalcy?

Pride pursue people in their own self inflicting ways; therefore, bow and kneel down in supplications to reconcile with our Creator.

In atonement, let us all invoke our needs to be released from the lethal virus about to destroy us all. The Universal God, our Father will never allow a microscopic element to enter in our midst. Think it best to recognize how a very minute microscopic entity could threaten us that easy. You know why?

A sinful soul has no strength against God's greatest oppressor (Satan). Jesus alone could; but never, without our repentance of causal effects in global commutative errs.

We're facing against *nature's wrath... retaliations of man's terrible infamous actions. Who then hails us from eternal fall to damnation?

PRAY FAITHFULLY and FORCEFULLY, in Acts of total Reconciliation through sincere atonement of our sins. Then God will deliver us from harm against Covid-19.

With HIM nothing is impossible.

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